Thursday, April 08, 2010

HB 7189 (SB6)

It appears that unless there is a miracle the House will pass HB 7189 (SB6) sometime tonight. We all must remember there are 3 branches of government. Once the Governor receives the bill he has 7 days to sign it or veto it! We cannot allow ourselves to fall into a false sense of security because the media is hinting the Governor will veto this bill. NOW IS THE TIME TO REALLY TURN THE PRESSURE ON THE GOVERNOR!!!! We have to make sure he has so much heat that he must veto this bill.

This bill is anti: student, teacher, parent, public school, conservative, liberal, progressive, republican and democrat.

This bill: guts local control of schools, expands testing, bases all school and personnel decisions on a test score—tests which have not been developed or validated.

This bill in one great big “trust the DOE”. I said in testimony on Monday—we don’t trust the DOE!

Every single member MUST contact the Governor before they enjoy their weekend…we must act now and we must act quickly! This is our opportunity to seize the moment and we can’t miss the target—it’s the Governor!!!!!!!!

Andy Ford, President

Florida Education Association


Imagine The Future!


Florida public schools are under attack.  Our hope lies with our Governor, Charlie Crist, and his use of the veto. 

For the sake of Florida's public schools I ask you to do three things:



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