Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Update: HB 7189

During an eight-hour session yesterday in which dozens of citizens were heard but dozens more shut out for lack of time, the House Education Policy Council approved HB 7189/SB 0006, the so-called "teacher tenure" bill.

Democratic members put forward nine amendments to HB 7189, but all were voted down mostly along party lines. Rep. Faye Culp (R-Tampa) voted for two amendments that would have let districts base pay teachers for advanced degrees and experience. The final tally was a strict party line vote of 12-5.

Attention to the bill has crowded out most other issues in this session. The Florida Chamber of Commerce and Former Gov. Jeb Bush's Foundation for Florida's Future are running television commercials in favor of the bill, a relative rarity during a legislative session. A Google search for "Florida Senate Bill 6 2010" returns over 8 million hits. The Economist, a UK weekly of business, politics, and policy analysis that is read worldwide, has run a column noting (unfavorably) the bill's key provisions.

The full House will vote on the bill this week.

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