Monday, March 16, 2009

Obama Speech Highlights The Need For Education Reform

Obama Speech Highlights The Need For Education Reform: In a recent speech to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, President Obama argued for education reform, saying, "Too many supporters of my party have resisted the idea of rewarding excellence in teaching with extra pay, even though we know it can make a difference in the classroom. Too many in the Republican Party have opposed new investments in early education, despite compelling evidence of its importance." Obama said that an overhaul of the nation's education system is an economic imperative, asserting, "We cannot afford to wait. By 2016, four out of every 10 new jobs will require at least some advanced education or training." Obama proposed five pillars of reform including: 1) investing in early childhood initiatives; 2) encouraging better standards and assessments; 3) recruiting, preparing and rewarding outstanding teachers; 4) promoting innovation and excellence in America's schools by supporting charter schools, reforming the school calendar and the structure of the school day; and 5) providing every American with a quality higher education.

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