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FW: Your Efforts Needed NOW!



Your Efforts Needed NOW!



March 6, 2009


Hi all,

You're receiving this message because there is a good chance that one or both of your US Senators is threatening a "NO" vote to pass the FY09 Budget Omnibus bill. ASCA encourages you to call, write or e- mail your Senator, ASAP - even over this weekend, to let them know how the omnibus bill includes important increases for education; especially for programs not included in the economic recovery package. For example the Omnibus bill includes a $4 million increase for the Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Program among many other programs that may have an impact on your school counseling program. ASCA is urging all members of the education community to phone in and urge their Senators to pass this FY09 budget and vote "YES" on the omnibus bill. Please do your part and also pass this message along to everyone else in the education community or for those who may have family/friends impacted by the public school system (parents, teachers, community members, etc).

These are the Senators that need to hear your voice on the issue. Along side to their name is the phone number to their Washington, DC office as well as their website which will provide information to send e-mails and local call-in information. A fax number is also provided if you'd like to send in your thoughts via fax. Please note this is a very timely matter as we expect a vote to be made on this issue at some point on Monday, 3/9, or early Tuesday, 3/10, please call and write -- even over the weekend!

Sen. Bennett (UT) - (office) 202-224-5444 (fax) 202-228-1168
Sen. Wicker (MS) - (office) 202-224-6253 (fax) 202-228-0378
Sen. Collins (ME) - (office) 202-224-2523 (fax) 202-224-2693
Sen. Snowe (ME) - (office) 202-224-5344 (fax) 202-224-1946
Sen. Specter (PA) - (office) 202-224-4254 (fax) 202-228-1229
Sen. Murkowski (AK) - (office) 202-224-6665 (fax) 202-224-5301
Sen. Feingold (WI) - (office) 202-224-5323 (fax) 202-224-2725
Sen. Bayh (IN) - (office) 202-224-5623 (fax) 202-228-1377
Sen. Menendez (FL) - (office) 202-224-4744 (fax) 202-228-2197
Sen. Ben Nelson (NE) - (office) 202-224-6551 (fax) 202-228-0012
Sen. Bill Nelson (FL) - (office) 202-224-5274 (fax) 202-228-2183

Phone: (703) 683-2722




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