Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All Students Act

Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All Students Act

HB #575 passed the Florida House of Representatives on April 24, 2007 on a unanimous vote. Unfortunately, the companion bill in the Senate (SB #114) was not afforded a fair hearing in its last committee of reference. Representatives Aubuchon and Thompson are working in concert with House leaders to push the bill through the Senate. You can help!

Write Governor Crist and your Senators and let them know that you are in favor of SB 114 because this law will "beef up" the way that schools can deal with the problem of cyberbullying. The law will:

  • allow school officials to take into consideration acts of cyberbullying, whether it originated from within school or not, when disciplining students;
  • require school officials to develop a procedure for providing instruction to students, teachers, school administrators, counseling staff, and school volunteers on identifying, preventing, and responding to bullying or harassment.
  • requiring each school district to adopt a policy prohibiting such bullying and harassment

Time is running out ... the full text of SB 114 and contact information you need can be accessed by visiting:



Prohibits bullying and harassment during education programs and activities, on school buses, or through use of data or computer software accessed through computer systems of certain educational institutions. Provides definitions. Requires each school district to adopt a policy prohibiting such bullying and harassment. Provides minimum requirements for the contents of the policy. Requires the Department of Education to develop model policies. Provides immunity. Provides restrictions with respect to defense of an action and application of the section. Requires department approval of a school district's policy and school district compliance with reporting procedures as prerequisites to receipt of safe school funds. Requires a report on implementation. Provides for construction of the act.


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