Monday, May 21, 2007

Keeping Students Safe - Comments Sought

Keeping Students Safe - Comments Sought: In an April 20 radio address President Bush called on the Departments of Education, Health and Human Services and Justice to lead a national dialogue with educators, mental health experts and various state and local officials on steps the federal government can take to help keep students safe and prevent future tragedies. In an effort to expand the discussion, Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings is seeking public comment online. Specifically, she has three questions: In what ways can technology help to communicate with students and school professionals -- before, during, and after a crisis situation? How can the many institutions involved in protecting students -- schools, colleges, law enforcement agencies, the medical and mental health community, and others -- share critical information in a way that protects individuals' privacy but does not sacrifice public safety? What are the most effective programs and best practices for preventing school violence and managing crises at U.S. schools and college campuses? Your comments on these items will assist the secretary in developing recommendations to be incorporated into the president's report.

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