Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Advocacy Alert #3 for Florida’s School Counselors

Advocacy Alert #3  for Florida’s School Counselors-
From the Desk of LeAnn Pollard, FSCA Advocacy Committee

Do you have your legislative contact list ready?  If you are still working to compile the contact list for your area, remember to review the last two FSCA Advocacy Alerts for step-by-step direction.  I’ve given you an example of my contact list below. You will also be adding addresses, email and phone numbers to your list.

Example Contact List
By going to the Florida Senate and the Florida House of Representatives websites I was able to compile this list of legislators for the greater Jacksonville (Duval County) area:

Florida House of Representatives (Districts 12-19)
Janet Adkins (District 12, R)
Daniel Davis (District 13, R)
Mia Jones (District 14, D)
Reggie Fullwood (District 15, D)
Charles McBurney (District 16, R)
Lake Ray (District 17, R)
Ronald “Doc” Renuart (District 18, R)
Michael “Mike” Weinstein (District 19, R)

Florida Senators
Anthony “Tony” Hill (District 1, D)
John Thrasher (District 8, R)

Congressional Districts 3 & 4
Corrine Brown (District 3, D)
Ander Crenshaw (District 4, R)

For your contact list, you’ll also include contact information such as address, phone number, and email and don’t forget FAX numbers too!

I know from my recent visit to the election polls (and by reading my voter registration card) the legislators who represent my home address are:  Lake Ray, John Thrasher, and Ander Crenshaw.  I will especially want to maintain close contact with these three because their names are on my ballot!  The rest of the names on my contact list represent the Duval County Public Schools attendance area. Their decisions affect my students!  I will also add the names and contact information for my local School Board members (especially Fred Lee because I allowed him to put a sign in my yard for 3 weeks!)

FSCA Advocacy team members will be giving you many ideas in the future weeks about what to do with your contact list.  For now, use it for introducing yourself to YOUR elected representatives!

     ** While working for a public agency, you should consider that all correspondence, whether by e-mail, written or otherwise is a public document and subject to public records requests by anyone who requests the information. For this reason, FSCA strongly recommends you do all advocacy correspondence from your personal (home) computer and not linked through a school district server.

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