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FSCA Advocacy Update - March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Good Advocacy news:

FSCA now has a bill filed in the House by Representative Mark Danish, HB 1139, to accompany the Senate Bill 902 filed earlier this month by Senator Detert.

Last week, five FSCA Advocacy Team members joined Carole Green in meeting with over 10 Senators and Representatives, plus Mr. McGhee in the Governor’s office. In our meetings, we distributed the “2014 handout for the hill” and discussed the importance of school counseling programs/counselors impacting students in our state. We were warmly and I would say, enthusiastically received by most of the representatives.  

Being out of the starting gate now with both the senate and house having bills filed, I want to encourage you to take some “next steps”:

1) reach out to your colleagues and associates in your area of the state to encourage them to contact legislators asking for support of these bills, and

2) meet and communicate with your representatives. I am very hopeful that this bill will pass this year; and with such strong potential of providing critical evidence for the need of more school counselors to deliver and impact children, this bill will be a win-win for the work we do for children.

Thanks so much…

Becky Schumacher

FSCA President

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