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FSCA Legislative Update, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012

Dear Colleagues,

Great News from Tallahassee!!

Our school counselor bill (SB 1654) was heard and passed unanimously in the Senate Education Pre-K – 12 Committee on Monday, February 6th . Earlier in the day, Nan Worsowicz and Joni Shook, both from Jacksonville and representing FSCA met with our Senate sponsor Nancy Detert and with the committee Chairman Steve Wise, who is also from the Jacksonville area. Nan and Joni were also present to answer any questions from the committee. Senator Detert has championed our issue this year in the Senate, and did a great job of presenting the bill to the committee. The committee members did not raise any concerns, in fact, Senator Monteford, a former high school principal, applauded the bill and said he wished it went even further in support of this effort for all schools.

What you can do:

1. If you haven't already written a note to Senator Detert and Rep. Adkins, please do so thanking them for their sponsorship of the bills. (See samples on the FSCA website - Advocacy pages).

2. If you haven't already connected with your own delegation, introduce yourself.

3. Pass along the latest FSCA letters and call for action to your colleagues, your local association, and any other potential supporters. Build connections and build membership.

4. WRITE THANK YOU NOTES TO SENATOR WISE FOR MOVING THIS THROUGH HIS COMMITTEE and to all of the other committee members for their support; especially Senator Monteford.

Remember that FSCA already recognized Senator Bogdanoff for her participation in getting the anti-bullying legislation passed two years ago. Short sweet and personal is sufficient - focus on student success; career preparation and student safety from bullying if you wish.

Senate K-12 Education Committee: Met 2/6 SB 1654 Senator Wise, Chair; Senators Alexander, Altman, Benacquisto, Bogdanoff, and Monteford - passed unanimously.

Our bills have an incredibly strong start but we have more committees to move through and then a full legislative vote.


Christopher B. Smith
Florida School Counselor Association

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