Monday, March 14, 2011

Vote NO on Senate Bill 736 and House Bill 7019

Source: Florida Education Association []
Subject: Vote NO on Senate Bill 736 and House Bill 7019



House expected to cast final vote early next week


The Florida Senate  has passed Senate Bill 736 which is a new version of SB 6.

Unfortunately, this bill has many of the same problems as Senate Bill 6:

  • This Legislation will require the state and our local school districts to spend millions developing new FCAT style tests and evaluation systems but provides NO new funding. 
  • It effectively ties all future pay increases to test scores and requires ALL teachers to sign away their due process rights and agree to work on a year to year contract IF they want to be eligible for a pay raise. 

Florida schools are facing the most devastating budgets cuts our state has ever seen. 

Districts are being forced to close schools and cut programs. 

Education employees are expected to face salary rollbacks, furloughs, layoffs and cuts in their benefits.

We don’t need Tallahassee to impose another $2 billion dollar unfunded mandate at a time when our schools and our school employees can least afford it And we should not be punishing our teachers when our schools are doing better than ever.

The Florida House of Representatives is expected to cast a final vote on this bill as early as Wednesday of next week.

Please call (888) 640-1338 and enter your zip code to be connected to your legislator. 

Tell them to vote NO on Senate Bill 736 and House Bill 7019.

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