Friday, March 04, 2011

Tell Congress To Reject Education Cuts And Invest In Our Future

Tell Congress To Reject Education Cuts And Invest In Our Future

This week, with the deadline to avoid a government shutdown looming, the House and Senate approved a short-term continuing resolution (CR) extending the deadline for an additional two weeks.  During this period, the House and Senate will have to negotiate a longer-term CR to fund programs for the rest of the fiscal year.  Failure to reach an agreement could lead to a shutdown. 

Negotiations will start with a dangerous proposal passed by the House last month that includes draconian cuts to education.  The deep education cuts contained in the House proposal would dash the dreams of countless American students, put additional strain on state budgets already cut to the bone, and stall the engine that drives our economy.  Thousands of students would lose Title I services and Head Start slots; millions of students would lose Pell Grant assistance; and thousands of education jobs would be lost.  See how much your state would lose.

Take Action TODAYTell Congress to craft a continuing resolution that rejects the draconian House-passed education funding cuts and invests in education for our nation’s future.

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