Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Quick notes on the Florida House of Representatives opening session

Source: J. F. "Jeff" McCullers, Ed.D.
Director, Grants & Program Development


The opening session of the Florida House this morning included ceremony, networking, recognitions, formalities, and introductions of past and present dignitaries. Speaker of the House Dean Cannon gave a fast-moving speech that touched briefly on many topics including his disapproval of the U.S. Congress, condemnation of what he called “pill mills,” and the “modernization” of the state court system. He quoted Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address and expressed hope that Floridians will “long remember” what this session of the Legislature accomplishes.


Comments on the U.S. Congress:


·         “The federal government has utterly failed in its responsibilities.”

·         “Washington is a fiscal heroin addict.”

·         “They traded liberty for government control.”

·         “We can refuse to follow our national leaders over the edge and into the abyss.”


Comments on education:


·         “I will not perpetuate a status quo.”


Comments on the economy:


·         “We will encourage private risk-taking.”

·         “We must favor small businesses.”


Comments on the budget:


·         “The sad truth is we have become dependent on federal money.”

·         “You cannot cut government spending without cutting government services.”

·         “Neither the future, nor anything in it, is an entitlement.”

·         “We will reduce spending on good programs in order to fund necessary programs.”


Comments on Medicare:


·         “Medicare is a Great Society entitlement program run amok.”

·         “It spreads like a cancer.”


Comments on lawmaking:


·         “Slogans are not enough.”

·         “We have to care about the details and real impact of what we do.”

·         “A catchy label does not make a bad idea good.”

·         “We will not make decisions based on the politics of fear or anger.”

·         “Our laws should favor those who are willing to work hard and play by the rules.”


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