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Source: Florida Education Association



Senate Bill 736 is just like Senate Bill 6–another unfunded mandate at the worst possible time!


ALERT: The full Senate is schedule to vote on Senate Bill 736 Wednesday and may take a final vote as early as Thursday.

Florida schools are facing the most devastating budgets cuts our state has ever seen. 


Districts are being forced to close schools and cut programs.  Education employees are expected to face salary rollbacks, furloughs, layoffs and cuts in their benefits. So what is the Florida Legislature doing?

They are working on a new 'merit pay plan' that will force local school districts to spend millions to develop more FCAT style tests and new evaluation systems. They say they are giving us 'performance pay' but all they are really giving us another $2 billion dollar unfunded mandate at a time when our schools and our school employees can least afford it!

Tell the Legislature we don't need a new education reform scheme when we can't pay for what we have.  Unemployment is at an all time high and school districts need teachers in front of classrooms… not in unemployment lines!


The state Senate is expected to cast a final vote on this wasteful bill as early as Thursday.  Please join the thousands of Florida parents and teachers who are calling Senate President Mike Haridopolos and other key senators about Senate Bill 736…Tell them to fund it or forget it!

Please call (888) 640-1338 anytime between now and 9:00 a.m. Thursday morning and enter your zip code. 

We will connect you to your legislator's office or to the office of Senate President Mike Haridopolos.

When you are connected, tell them that you are a teacher or school employee and you want them to vote against SB 736.  Another unfunded mandate from Tallahassee is not what our schools need right now!

The line may be busy or you may be put directly into voicemail.  If you do not get through, please call back. 

Or you can send an email by clicking on:  Find your Senator


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