Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Education Policy & Program Development Update (Florida Legislature Opening Day Special)


Today’s Education Policy & Program Development Update may be found in PDF form at


This update includes coverage of the opening day of the Florida Legislature:


·         Word frequency analysis of major speeches today from the Speaker of the House, the Senate President, and the Governor

·         Links to the full text of those key speeches

·         Updated bill tracker, include many bills introduced for the first time today


Note that the bills in the legislative overview includes bills pertaining to education, child safety, governance, and public employee retirement plans. This list will be updated throughout the session.




J. F. "Jeff" McCullers, Ed.D.
Director, Grants & Program Development
Liaison, Public Charter Schools
Division of Academic Services
The School District of Lee County

Lee County Public Education Center
2855 Colonial Boulevard
Fort Myers, Florida 33966-1012

Grant Operations:
Charter School Operations:

Telephone: (239) 337 8273
Facsimile: (239) 337 8594

PUBLIC RECORDS NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: Under Florida law, nearly all communications made or received by School District employees are considered public records that must be retained and, upon request, made available to citizens and to the media. There should be no expectation of privacy.

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