Friday, March 04, 2011

36,000 Sign Petition for Workers’ Rights – Are You on the List?

36,000 Sign Petition for Workers' Rights – Are You on the List?

As protests in Wisconsin over Governor Scott Walker's proposed budget repair bill enter their third week, a national online petition to support Wisconsin teachers has garnered support from over 36,000 people from around the country. 

Our message is getting through, as polls continue to show support among the general public for workers' rights to be heard.  But, we still need your help to ensure victory in this critical fight.  We need to remind policymakers and the public that the labor movement in this country has been responsible for safety standards, the minimum wage, fair employment practices, and more.  For educators, our collective bargaining rights allow us to raise concerns about class size, school safety, and other important teaching and learning conditions.  Join the fight – add your name to the petition to stand up for workers' rights. 

While the nation seems to have its eyes and ears on Wisconsin, attacks are happening all across the country.  Teachers, school support staff, nurses, firefighters, and middle class workers and families are under relentless attack in state after state by an unprecedented, well-funded, and coordinated national campaign.  But, as the fight continues, workers and their supporters are standing up and demanding to be heard.  Rallies with unprecedented turnout have been held in state across the nation.  Read about rallies around the nation.

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