Sunday, February 27, 2011

Take Action (PUTV Sign up) | FEA

Take Action (PUTV Sign up) | FEA

ALERT: SB 736 is Schedule for Floor Vote
Stop the Attack on Teachers
Senate Bill 736, the so-called Teacher Quality legislation, is on the fast track. Florida legislators have scheduled a senate floor vote on the bill for Wednesday, March 9 (the 2nd day of the regular legislative session).

This is the bill that will tie all teacher pay to student test scores, even though the state still does not have a tested and proven evaluation system in place.

It will dramatically increase the number of FCAT-style tests, costing the state and local school districts hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars, without a way to pay for them.

It will label teachers, highly-effective, effective, needs improvement and unsatisfactory, but it doesn't not address remediation or any support for teachers who need assistance.

It prohibits local school boards from considering advanced degrees and special training when determining a teacher's salary.

And, it will subject all new teachers to be fired without explanation or just cause.

Tallahassee politicians tried to takeover our schools last year. Working together we stopped them. Now, we need to stand up against this repeat assault on Florida teachers and our schools.

Contact your legislator NOW, and tell them this bill is flawed. It needs to be fixed and funded!

We must get their attention. It is important to continue contacting your senator next week (February 28 - March 7) when they return home prior to the start of the Legislative session.

Email or call to make an appointment to meet with your senator face-to-face. Urge them to Stop the Attack on Florida Teachers!

If you don't know your senator's name or how to contact them, go to Fill in your address and city to locate your senator's name and contact information.

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