Tuesday, February 08, 2011

SB 736 Alert

Source: Florida Education Association Newsletter

Legislative Alert 
February 2011


SB 736 Alert

A new 'Teacher Quality' bill- SB 736 is likely to be voted on in committee this WEDNESDAY (2/9/11).


The bill's sponsor, Senator Stephen Wise (R-Jacksonville) says that-this time- the legislature will listen to all education stakeholders - teachers, parents, principals and school board members.


While the sponsor has attempted to make the new bill SB 736 better than last year's bill, it still leaves many critical unanswered questions and concerns. 

The new bill:

  • Ties teacher pay directly to student test scores according to an unknown 'value added' formula.
  • Allows all new teachers regardless of their being rated 'effective' and 'highly effective' to be fired at the end of the year without any due process or just cause.
  • Prohibits local districts from rewardingmanyteachers who earn advanced degrees. 
  • Increases the number of tests that must bedeveloped andgiven to every student every year. 
  • Shifts millions of scarce dollars to pay for these new tests.     
  • Does not provide any means of funding the new performance pay plan...except to cutor freezeexisting salaries. 
  • Gives Tallahassee more control over our local schools.          

Senator Wise says he wants input from everyone concerned about our schools and our teachers. 


Please make your voice heard.....email Senator Wise today!


Tell him we appreciate his willingness to listen.  Let him know your concerns and ask him what the bill will do to support teachers so they can do the best job possible.


For example:

  • Are there any provisions for professional development?  Mentoring?  Peer evaluation and review?
  • Does the bill empower principals to evaluate teachers constructively?  Or just fire them if theirstudents perform poorly?


Email your comments and concerns today to:



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