Monday, August 30, 2010

Senate Bill 434- Suicide Prevention Education

Source: August 2010 Student Support Services Newsletter, available online at


Many legislative bills that have an impact on the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) and school districts passed. The Legislative Review Book provides bill summaries of education related bills that were approved by the Governor.


Senate Bill 434– Suicide Prevention Education


The 2010 Florida Legislature passed Senate Bill (SB) 434, Suicide Prevention Education, amending section 1006.07, Florida Statutes. The passage of SB 434 provides student services professionals an opportunity to expand suicide prevention and training activities to a broader audience and strengthen efforts to reduce the frequency of youth suicide. SB 434 requires districts to provide instructional and administrative personnel access to suicide prevention resources that have been approved by the Statewide Office for Suicide Prevention. This legislation also adds suicide prevention education to district In-Service Master Development Plans as an option for which school personnel participating may receive in-service credit. The Office of Suicide Prevention’s website has a page dedicated to connecting school districts with free, online educational resources as well as information on how to receive in-person training at:  The Student Support Services Project website provides links to suicide prevention and intervention resources at:


For more information contact the Student Support Services Office.

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