Thursday, June 18, 2009

mathematics remediation

Memorandum that clarifies issues related to the implementation of section 1008.30(3), Florida Statutes, as revised in 2008 by Senate Bill 1908, regarding mathematics remediation.  It provides updated information on district high school mathematics course options related to the statutory requirement that high school students be offered opportunities to remediate prior to high school graduation.

As high school counselors discuss course options with students, it is important to explain the differences between entry and exit expectations for Mathematics for College Success and Mathematics for College Readiness and to inform students of which postsecondary courses they most likely will be prepared for when they get to college. Since Mathematics for College Readiness is aligned with a college level mathematics course in The Florida College System, it should be considered college preparatory rather than remediation. It is a mathematics course option that meets high school graduation requirements. Therefore, the high school mathematics remediation option, Mathematics for College Success, should be made available to those students who do not meet the State Board of Education defined cut score of 72 on the CPT and indicate an interest.

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