Saturday, February 07, 2009

Making children a greater national priority in the federal budget

Children's advocacy group First Focus has released a new website that details investment in every federal program that benefits children. The searchable database allows users to access information on any of the 180 federally supported programs that help children, including annual funding information, program overviews, and graphs that display funding changes over time. Searches are customizable, and can be limited to funding type, policy area, amount of funding, and federal department or agency. Data can also be viewed in the aggregate, according to eight broad categories. "The federal budget is a reflection of our national priorities. Politicians of all political affiliations claim to put kids first. Yet this year, the federal government will spend less than 10 percent of its budget on programs addressing the needs of American young people," said Bruce Lesley, president of First Focus. "We have created this website to highlight this startling fact, providing policymakers and advocates with the information they need to improve investments in children's programs."
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