Friday, January 30, 2009


HOUSE BILL 404/SENATE BILL 613 would allow for the waiver of final examination requirement for students with at least an average grade of "B" for the semester and who has not had more than 3 days of unexcused absences during the semester.


HOUSE BILL 501 would abolish early learning coalitions and transfer most functions to the Agency for Workforce Innovation, which would administer school readiness programs and VPK. The bill would also abolish the Florida Early Learning Advisory Council, repeal subsidized child care program case management, and repeal subsidized child care transportation.


HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION 617/SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION 232 would propose a constitutional amendment that would require the minimum salary for new full-time public school teacher to be national average salary for new full-time public school teachers and require the average salary for experienced full-time public school teachers to be no less than national average salary for full-time public school teachers. The law would also require that the resulting salary increases be independent of employee benefits and not alter, jeopardize, or decrease existing employee benefits, and would require the Legislature to fund the required salary increases.


SENATE BILL 610 would establish a means for state approval of "remedial" charter schools. This new system would replace the now-defunct Florida Schools of Excellence.


SENATE BILL 776 would require school districts to add conflict resolution to character education programs.


SENATE BILL 782 would amend certain requirements regarding tie votes of local school boards, and methods of elections of school board chairpersons.


SENATE BILL 804 would require the Legislature to allocate funds sufficient to reimburse school districts for the difference between the average federal reimbursement for free and reduced-price breakfasts and the average statewide cost for breakfasts.

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