Monday, January 12, 2009

Education Cuts

The Florida Legislature is meeting in Tallahassee this week to cut another $2.5 billion from our state's education budget during the January special session. Right now they are proposing to cut another $500,000,000 from the education budget for THIS YEAR.


As bad as it's been the last two years; it could get much worse if we don't act now!


The legislative leadership needs to hear from you now. Please take just a moment to let the following members know what these cuts mean for your students and how badly further cuts will harm our schools. You can email them by clicking the links below.


President of the Senate, Jeff Atwater


Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, Ray Sansom


Senate PreK-12 Appropriations Committee (Chair), Stephen Wise


Senate PreK-12 Appropriations Committee (Vice Chair) Gary Siplin


Senate PreK-12 Policy Committee (Chair), Nancy Detert


Senate PreK-12 Policy Committee (Vice Chair), Frederica Wilson


Florida House Of Representatives  PreK-12 Appropriations and Policy Committee, Anitere Flores


Florida House Of Representatives PreK-12 Appropriations and Policy Committee , John Legg




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