Friday, December 12, 2008

Various Updates from PEN Weekly NewsBlast for December 12, 2008

Excerpted from PEN Weekly NewsBlast for December 12, 2008


Best education stories of 2008
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development SmartBrief Editors offer a list of reader choices for the most compelling education stories of 2008.

No more maneuvering around school districts to create Florida charters
A state appellate court has ruled that Florida Schools of Excellence Commission, an agency created by the state to charter new schools, is "facially unconstitutional," returning exclusive power to grant charters to local school districts, many of whom sued to retain that control.


When it comes to funding education, lawmakers "lie" about valuing Florida students
When Florida lawmakers say they care about the state's children, the president of the state's school superintendent association tells them, based on the fact that Florida pays the least per student in the country for education, "You lie."

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