Monday, October 27, 2008

CAP Hosts Event on Disconnected Youth and Working Adults

CAP Hosts Event on Disconnected Youth and Working Adults: On Friday, Oct. 17, the Center for American Progress hosted an event, "Disconnected Youth and Working Adults: Meet the 21st Century's Newest College Grads." The event centered on the release of two papers: Federal Access Policies and Higher Education for Working Adults by Derek Price and Angela Bell. According to Price, the core issue in the United States' failings to provide adequate post-secondary education options for working adults is that there is no communication across the education and labor systems. The second paper was Creating Postsecondary Pathways to Good Jobs for Young High School Dropouts: The Possibilities and the Challenges, presented by Linda Harris and Evelyn Ganzglass. They see the solutions to the problems for high school dropouts to also lie in the intersection of systems - the secondary, post-secondary, workforce, and adult education systems. When asked what their wish list was for a new administration, panelists responded that they would like to see: the reauthorization of the Youth Opportunity Grants and directing the grants to communities in need; the use of a high-priority topic, such as energy independence, to discuss disconnected youth and working adults as a national imperative; and implementation of an Office of Youth Policy at the executive level to help address some of the needed paradigm shifts.


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