Friday, March 28, 2008

Senate education budget released yesterday

Here is a link to the Senate education budget released yesterday:
Budget Notes:
Total budget for $21.5 billion for 2008-09 ($12 billion in state budget plus $9.5 billion local effort).
Reduction of ($883.6) million in recurring general revenue. Added $41.9 million in education enhancement trust fund.
Pre K -12 Education Summary:

  • FEFP- The 2008-09 FEFP is $18.5 billion, or $7.011 per student. This is a reduction of ($298.1) million, or -1.59%. The per student reduction is ($115.91), or -1.63%.
  • Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK)- No reduction s for VPK program funding, with $343.7 million provided. Student enrollment growth results in a base student allocation of $2,572 (down form $2.677) a -3.9% reduction.
  • School lunch- were not reduced to maintain federal matching funds.
  • State Board of Education – All categories reduced at least -10% in GR. Assessment and evaluation GR reduced by ($13.3) million, or -28.4%. the funds freed up by this reduction are used to partially restore two priority programs , A++ (3.2 million ), and reading grants ($10 million).
  • Florida Schools of Excellence - $500,000 provided to continue operations.
  • All other programs and categories are reduced by -5.1%.
  • No new programs created or funded.


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