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Florida and National Certified Counselors

Florida School Counselor Association acknowledges ASCA Intern Andrew Woodward for his work in compiling this data for the FSCA legislative committee.


Florida Stats

·       Florida ranked first nationwide in the number of new National Board Certified Teachers® (NBCTs) and ranks second in the total number of educators who achieved certification over time (10,875)

·       FL shows 11% increase in number of educators who achieved certification in 07

·       NBCTs make up 7% of FL teaching force (this includes School Counselors and Media Specialists)

·  32% teach in Title I Schools

·       Broward County is the largest school district in the nation in the cumulative total of NBCTs (1,283).

·        Eleven Florida school districts ranked among the nation’s top 20 in terms of the number of educators who achieved National Board Certification in 2007 – Broward County-1st (302); Miami-Dade County-3rd (192); Hillsborough County-6th (131); Orange County-7th (95); Brevard County-8th (91); Duval County-9th (88); Palm Beach County-12th (72); Pinellas County-13th (65); Polk County-17th (45); Volusia County-17th (tie) (45); Seminole County-19th (43).




The effects of NBPTS-Certified Teachers on Student Achievement -  Harris, D.N. and Sass, T.R.,  Florida State University (January, 2007)


This study considers the effectiveness of certification by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards® (NBPTS). Researchers first studied its effects on student achievement and then analyzed the potential spillover of National Board Certified Teacher® (NBCT) mentoring. Using a large data set of Florida teachers and students over a four-year span, researchers investigated the relationship between National Board Certification® and the impact of teachers on student test scores from both low-stakes and high-stakes exams.


Results from this study suggest that the answer depends largely on the achievement test used to measure student performance. In some cases National Board Certification "provides a positive signal of teacher productivity;" however, these effects were not consistent across subjects and grades. The study also found that teachers who achieve National Board Certification at some point during their careers boost student achievement in reading significantly more than their non-NBCT counterparts. Positive spillover of NBCT mentoring was found in student achievement scores in both reading and math, using the norm-referenced student performance measure but not found using the criterion-based performance measure.


More math NBCTs helped their students achieve greater testing gains in 9th and 10th grades than their non-certified colleagues- demonstrating particular benefits among special needs students and African-American and Hispanic students., L. Cavalluzzo, CNA Corporation. (November, 2004)


A new study, conducted by The CNA Corporation (CNAC), a non-profit research and analysis institution, found that National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT's) did a better job than other teachers of raising ninth and 10th graders' year-end math test scores in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The research, which systematically accounted for other factors that could have led to higher scores, found that all else being equal — student characteristics, school environment and teacher preparation — National Board Certified math teachers in Miami-Dade County Public Schools helped their students achieve larger testing gains than did colleagues who had not earned the certification. The study of more than 100,000 student records found that NBCTs were particularly effective with students who have special needs, and also provides some evidence that underserved minority students may receive extra benefits.


In this study, NBC proved to be an effective signal of teacher quality. Indeed, seven of nine indicators of teacher quality that were included in the analyses resulted in appropriately signed and statistically significant evidence of their influence on student outcomes. Among those indicators, having an in-subject-area teacher, NBC and regular state certification in high school mathematics had the greatest effects. These findings suggest that school systems that wish to target pay increases to teachers of the highest quality can use NBC for this purpose. Such a strategy will benefit students in the long term if NBC has the desired effect of attracting better candidates into teaching through incentives that are targeted to top performers or by and raising the professionalism and prestige associated with teaching. To increase student outcomes in the nearer term, the challenge for school systems will be to implement professional development programs or strategies that change practices so more teachers will adopt methods used by those who have already earned a NBC


The effect of National Board Certified Teachers on average student achievement in North Carolina schools - Bundy, University of North Carolina (Spring, 2006)


North Carolina is home to the largest concentration of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) in the country. This is in part due to the generous incentive program offered to those successful in gaining National Board Certification. In 2005, the state invested over $40 million in salary supplements for North Carolina NBCTs. This study seeks to determine if NBCTs presence in schools has a direct effect on student performance and/or an indirect effect on student performance mediated by working conditions of teacher empowerment, leadership and professional development. The statistical analysis reveals when student demographic variables are controlled, schools with a larger proportion of NBCTs demonstrate moderately higher test scores. Additionally, a larger proportion of NBCTs coincides with a small increase in teacher empowerment, but these gains are unrelated to the improvement in student test scores. The results indicate North Carolina is receiving benefits from investing in National Board Certification.

Student Achievement and Performance - O’Sullivan, R., Hudson, M., Orsini, M., Arter, J., Stiggins, R., Iovacchini, L., University of North Carolina - (June, 2005).

Results of this study showed that National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) were more proficient at classroom assessment than their non-NBCT counterparts. This result was supported by all measures used in the study, including evaluation of actual classroom assessments and responses by teachers on the survey and interview. Results did not always show statistically significant differences, but when differences did occur, they always favored the NBCTs.


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