Monday, December 18, 2006

In the News

Source: The ASCA Legislative Update
December 18, 2006

Washington Post (12/15/06). “Schools Report Urges Drastic Change, Higher Salaries.”   

New York Times (12/15/06). “Expert Panel Proposes Far-Reaching Redesign of the American
Education System.”   

Washington Post (12/14/06). “High Schools Reach Higher, Score Better.”   

Washington Post (12/14/06). “Special Ed Changes to Get Trial Run.”   

USA Today (12/13/06). “Rural Schools Budgets Face the Chipping Block.”   

New York Times (12/13/06). “Weighing the Costs in Public vs. Private Colleges.”   

New York Times (12/12/06). “In Tuition Game Popularity Rises with Price.”
Washington Post (12/12/06). “More Than One Way to Make the Grade.”   

Baltimore Sun (12/9/06). “No Child Left Behind Applied Behind Bars.”   

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